Customer Accounts

An added service for your guests.
Cafe Tools Personal or Corporate Accounts
We have divided customer accounts into two divisions, Personal and Corporate. The two division have different types of data included in the customer information. For example, a personal account will record birthdays, marital status, etc. Corporate accounts store business-related info and have separate address fields for billing and shipping.

You can print off customer lists, send out email marketing, and lookup a customer's every purchase.

An Accounts Receivable list is available to display dated balances, customer info, and totals.

Charges are handled during sales transactions with their balance owing updated automatically based on how much you've received. Interest can be automatically added at a rate of your choosing.

Loyalty Card

Loyalty points/Gift cards
Using loyalty cards and a system for awarding patrons for frequent visits to your establishment draw repeat business. Give customer a sense of belonging by awarding them for purchasing, and attract new customers with gift cards. Points can be applied against a purchase at your specified rate. Exclude sale or clearance items automatically with you choosing the redemption percentage. Custom reports can show you the status of outstanding points.


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