Coffee Shop and Cash Register

Coffee Shop is used in cafeterias, cafes, coffee shops, bars and pubs, and other food service environments where the guest orders and pays at the same time. It can be used interchangeably with Table Management for those restaurants that might sell items without the table service.
Coffee ShopClick to Enlarge Coffee Shop - Simplicity by Design
All on one screen you enter in items for sale by barcode-scanning or manually typing, see a list of items and their total price, apply discounts, use customer accounts, send the order to the kitchen or bar, accept payment, and more. Also, similar to Tables, you can view your menu and use the preset quick keys to enter in items quickly and efficiently. Sale-first food service has never been this intuitive and user-friendly, you will be amazed by you and your staff's ability to ring through transactions with the utmost rapidity and accuracy; and your customers couldn't be happier.
Cash RegisterClick to Enlarge Cash Register
Used in those food-service environments that also sell packaged gift and food items, bulk tea or coffee, or other take-home or retail selections.

The cash register makes it easy and quick to sell items with or without barcodes, and supports weigh scales for bulk items.

Similar to Coffee Shop and Tables, there is support for integrated credit card processing.


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