Inventory Management

InventoryKeeping track of your inventory is simple and easy when you have the right tools at your finger tips, tools provided by Sixth Sense Cafe. Make adjustments to inventory levels, have menu items automatically go on and off sale, organize items by department and category, graph sales results, import and export in a variety of formats, create custom labels, instantly calculate your value of inventory, and more:
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Sixth Sense Cafe retains over one-hundred-and-twenty pieces of information on every item in inventory. All this data allows you to stay organized, monitor costs, and generate complex reports to help manage your business. Items can be designated to print in up to 8 different locations in your restaurant. Components of a item can be automatically removed from inventory to ensure that you stay in stock 100% of the time. Recipes and pictures can be added for every item to assist bar and kitchen staff in creating consistent presentation and composition.

View the item's sales by day of the week, week, month, year, it's receiving history, store location, sale prices, gross profit to date, and much much more.

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Ensuring that you are always able to provide your full menu to your guests is important to your business; effective ordering is the solution. Create orders yourself quickly with the item's sales history, or have the software generate the order automatically by supplier, department, or category.
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In order for your ordering to be effective, you need to know the minimum quantity of each item you have in stock. Decide your own based on your individual needs, or have the software calculate a suggested number. As soon as your inventory drops below the minimum it will be automatically reordered.
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Virtual Menu
Offering 48 items in each of 10 different categories, you can assign 480 menu items to buttons. You can also have an unlimited number of items in each of 8 inventory lists, made quick and easy to use with an alphabet index. As orders are being entered one click on each item will add to the check. Creating the Virtual Menu is quick and easy, simply click on the button you wish to assign and enter in the item's number.


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