Table Management

Table management is used in the classic restaurant-style environment where the guest is seated, the order received, saved, processed, then payment is taken later.
Table LoginClick to Enlarge Touch Screen Interface
Sixth Sense Cafe was built from the ground up to be optimized with touch-screen monitors. Working with both experienced and novice servers we've developed one of the most intuitive user-interfaces on the market. Designed to be quick, accurate, and easy to use, it speeds up taking orders and payments so you can maximize customer service and table-turnover rates.
Cafe TablesClick to Enlarge Tables
This clean, elegant interface allows you see all items ordered, organized by guest enabling you to print separate checks for each, or one for the whole table. Print the order to the kitchen, bar, or anywhere else, take special orders, apply discounts, view totals for each guest or the table, and more. You can also delete items from the order, or transfer the order to another server.
Cafe Take OrderClick to Enlarge Taking Orders
The average person doesn't like to take orders, but for you it means money, and it couldn't be simpler than with Sixth Sense Cafe. Your menu is categorized and laid out the way you want it so servers can quickly punch in quantity requests and see their input on the left of the screen. Entering items by guest is quick, making it easy to offer the extra service of separate checks. If you are server liquor you'll find the alphabetical drink lists and ability to reorder a drink very useful.
Cafe PaymentClick to Enlarge Taking Payment
Accept up to 12 different types of payments on the same order, see a list of items ordered, comp or discount items, split an item across multiple guests, and even split a guest off the table. Finishing a sale has never been easier or more powerful. Perhaps you would like to apply a regular cutomer's discount? Enter in their info and you can get a standard discount, apply their loyalty points, or charge it to their account. Got a large party? Add a service charge to amount of your choice.
Cafe Training Mode Training Mode
Turn on training mode and you can train a new recruit on the whole process; appearing just the same as it would during the real experience but your data file is left undisturbed. Receipts will print out with the words "Training Mode" to ensure that no accidents are made when you are training on the fly during business hours.


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