Version 11 Enhancements

New Code All New Code
Version 11 of Sixth Sense Cafe is all-new, from the ground up. We started with a faster, more advanced database structure, finished with an enhanced interface, and programmed all new code in-between. This new platform enables us to take advantage of modern computer architecture, and ensure application consistency, stability, and speed.
Cafe Take Order Menu Enhancements
One of the greatest areas of improvement in Version 11 surrounds your Menu - the heart of the ordering process. Sixth Sense Cafe supports:
  -10 customizable menu pages with up to 48 items per page
  -8 menu lists with up to 1 billion items per list
  -3 general customizable transaction modifier lists
  -an unlimited number of menu modifier lists to customize
No matter how expansive your menu is, we've got you covered.
Cafe Tables New Features
Backed with years of customer feedback we've introduced more features in this release than we ever have before:
  -expense tracking and income statement generation
  -enhanced item discounting
  -customer account preview and editing from payment
  -multi-guest item splitting
  -separated guest payments
  -one-click cash transactions
  -simplified order process for quick processing
  -Guest and Inventory search-by-name in payment
  -password protection and log file for sensitive payment
  -recipe costing
  -terminated employee support
  -and more...

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LCD Customer Display*
As technology has advanced, LCD Displays have become very affordable for point-of-sale applications. Increase customer satisfaction, and reduce the opportunities for employee theft for as little as $199.95 per terminal.

Half the display can be customized with an image, movie, or webcontent giving you the opportunity to advertise your company, promotions, or even sell the space to other local businesses or vendors - imagine your point of sale system actually making you money.

*(Macintosh only)


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