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Sixth Sense was founded in 1993 with the mission of providing Point-of-Sale to small and medium retail businesses. At the time no software solution existed that provided the necessary ease-of-use to be effective in this market. By creating fully-featured applications that could be installed and used by the average person, Sixth Sense created a whole new market in the Point-of-Sale industry. The success of this strategy led to the company's rapid expansion.

Soon after the success of Sixth Sense POS for retail, the Company partnered up with the restaurant industry to create Sixth Sense Cafe in 1996; a robust, easy-to-use solution for restaurants.

Over the years each program has developed and grown ahead of the competition offering more features and performance than anyone else, while still staying true to it's ease-of-use roots. Both programs are fully scalable, meaning they can be used in mom-and-pop companies all the way up to international chains of multi-till locations.

Whatever your Point-of-Sale needs are, Sixth Sense is here to fulfill them, premier software and hardware solutions for Retail and Restaurant settings.


About Sixth Sense

Sixth Sense POS
The company's founding software was developed in a joint effort between retail business owners and computer programmers. This rare approach to development is what allows Sixth Sense to be able to accurately identify business needs. Over time the program grew into an enterprise-level powerhouse while still incredibly simple to use.

Sixth Sense Cafe
In 1996 the company saw the need to bring the power and ease-of-use of Sixth Sense POS to restaurants. Programmers and restraunteurs came together to create an elegant, powerful, simple application to change the way restaurants do business, whether the operate table-sytle, or coffee-shop-style.

The Power of Design
The attention to detail and design been the foundation of Sixth Sense's success. Sixth Sense customers can be found all over the world: