POS Point of Sale  
Preparation is one key to success. Proper set-up of your technology will help lead to it's success in your business.
POS Formulas Applying Formulas
Inventory and Sales Records sometimes require changes across a large number of records. A supplier switch for confectionary can affect hundreds, or even thousands or SKUs.

Sixth Sense makes your life easy with the Apply Formula function that takes any number of records and applies any change across the board.
POS Receipts
Customizing the look of your receipts is important for your professional appearance. With up to six different customizable messages with various properties and locations plus your company logo you will be able to communicate what you need, the way you want.
POS Taxes Taxes
Three different tax rates are available for you to customize base on your needs. Choose their names, and choose their rates.
Hardware Management Hardware Management
Sixth Sense has optimized it's software to run at maximum efficiency on today's computers, and point-of-sale hardware. We've ensured we are capitalizing all the features and technologies available to us in this dynamic world.

Sixth Sense POS gives you the option of using regular or full-page receipt printing, and you decide whether you need a cash drawer, pole display, portable-data-collector, etc.; we don't force you into anything you don't need.
Multi-Store Head Office Software
Available for larger business, Sixth Sense's Head Office software allows you to manage multiple locations with ease. We support an unlimited number of users in an unlimited number of locations.

All your locations communicate Live with Head Office ensuring that you have 24-hour access to sales and inventory information that is updated every minute.

Your inventory and sales data is one of the most valuable assets you have. Rest assured when you are in Sixth Sense's hands, you data will be automatically backed up. In the event that something misfortune should befall your data, we have built-in diagnostic tools you can use to rebuild your database.


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