Cash Register

POS Point of Sale
The basic function of a Point-of-Sale system is that you can ring up a customer's jelly donut and receive payment. While it is the basic function, it is also the most important.

The Cash Register is the basis for the rest of an intelligent point-of-sale system. It is important that transactions are quick for customers, but it is absolutely crucial that the interface is designed to be absolutely intuitive for your cashiers. Accuracy in their input will allow for accurate inventory levels, proper automatic ordering, and useful sales reporting.
POS Cash RegisterClick to Enlarge 4 Register Screens
Sixth Sense has researched human behaviors and tested its software in a variety of geographic locations with a variety of users in a variety of businesses to determine the absolute best interfaces to deliver. This research and attention to detail will make every component of your computerized system run smoother, saving you time; and time is money.

Sixth Sense realizes that no two businesses are the same, so we have created 4 Cash Register screens for you to choose from based on your needs. And there is no need to ask, just like everything at Sixth Sense, it is built-in at no extra charge.

Discounting, price over-rides, item search by name, serialized tracking, customer lists, and customer account integration are just a few of the features in the Sixth Sense Cash Register.
POS TouchScreenClick to Enlarge Touch Screen Interface
Sixth Sense POS was built from the ground up to work with touch-screen monitors or a keyboard and mouse. Working with both experienced and novice users we've developed one of the most intuitive user-interfaces on the market. Designed to be quick, accurate, and easy to use, it speeds up taking payments so you can maximize customer service and ensure accuracy in input.
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If your business has times where you need greater control over price setting and discounting, then the Create Invoice feature is right for you. Make sales on an input screen that appears just like the invoice that will be printed for the sale, giving you visual continuity of operation. The invoice srcreen holds more customer information that the main cash register screen.
Sixth Sense allows you to discount 4 different ways:
1. General Discount: a %-off the whole transaction
2. Item Discount: a %-off a single item. If you try to discount past cost, you will be alerted.
3. Class discount: a %-off for a customer account, or items from a particular supplier, department, or category
4. Invoice Line Discount: an item discount for invoicing
Cafe Training Mode Training Mode
Check off the training mode button and you can train a new recruit on the whole process! You can ring up sales appearing just the same as it would during the real experience, but your data file is left undisturbed.

Receipts will print out with the words "Training Mode" to ensure that no accidents are made when you are training on the fly during business hours.


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