POS Point of Sale  
Some would say is the most important but challenging part of your business. We've provided you a few tools to assist in managing your people.
Till BalancingPOS Till One Screen Till Balancing
At the end of a cashier's shift you will want to verify the cashier's take for the day. With Till Balancing there is no need to do arithmetic or use a calculator; one screen is used to enter all cash, credit cards, debit cards, checks, etc. Till balancing multiplies and sums the total and compares each line to the expected amount.

The use of one screen allows the user to quickly see if any flip-flops were entered, or any real shortages exist.

Shortage control and investigation is made easier with the ability to use pre-made Till reports, or create your own custom reports.

POS Security Security
Various levels of system access are used in order to protect the integrity of your inventory and sales information. Four different security levels are already in place: Owner, Manager, Supervisor, and Cashier. While Cashier's are limited to sales, refunds, and other customer service functions, Owner's have full and complete access with Managers and Supervisors falling in between.
POS Time Card Time Cards
The Time Card is very easy for staff to clock-in and clock-out for their shifts giving management a record of hours worked. Managers have to ability to adjust Time Cards to accommodate any mistakes made, display work hours by employee, and create custom reports.


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