Advanced Sales Reporting

POS Point of Sale  
Cash MoneyChances are you are in the business of making money. The best way of finding out where you've been, where you are going, and how to get there is with Advanced Sales Reporting (ASR). ASR used to be sold as a separate module but is now included as a standard feature due to popular request.
Cafe Tools Premade or Custom: Your Choice
Every business's reporting needs are different from the next, no two retail operations are the same. Choose from one of the many built-in reports in a wide variety of categories including Sales, Inventory Valuation, Top/Bottom Sellers, Inventory Movement, Invoicing, etc., or create your own based on your business needs.

Or, choose from any subset of records to create a report containing whatever pieces of information you desire, sorted any way you can imagine; one of the most powerful features in Sixth Sense POS.

Sales Charting

There are over twelve pre-programmed graph reports in Sixth Sense POS so you can view your important data in refreshing visual formats. Quickly visualize customer counts, quantities sold, net sales, gross sales, whatever you need to get a better understanding of your business.

Any report you need, presented the way you want it, what else could we say?