Version 11 Enhancements

POS Point of Sale
Sixth Sense POS Version 11 is a revolutionary new release to what was already world-premiere point-of-sale software. We rebuilt the software from the ground up, starting with a more powerful engine, moving on to redetailing every feature, and finished with more functionality and a polished new interface.

Version 11 brings over 500 new and improved features, including:
POS AccountingClick to Enlarge Polished new Interface
An intuitively designed interface is key to reducing errors and maximizing efficiency. By both analyzing human behavior and from comprehensive user feedback, we have created the most user-friendly environment anywhere.

We've completely modernized the look and feel for our software while increasing our screen size by over 63%. Use the software with a keyboard/mouse, or a touchscreen to increase your workflow even more.

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LCD Customer Displays*
As technology has advanced, LCD Displays have become very affordable for point-of-sale applications. Increase customer satisfaction, and reduce the opportunities for employee theft for as little as $199.95 per terminal.

Half the display can be customized with an image, movie, or webcontent giving you the opportunity to advertise your company, promotions, or even sell the space to other local businesses or vendors - imagine your point of sale system actually making you money.

*(Macintosh only)
Version 11 also adds 2 new FREE modules:
POS AccountingClick for a Screenshot Accounting Module
Profit is a function of both revenue and costs. To maximize your bottom dollar you need to drive up your revenues while keeping a tight control on your costs. The new Accounting module of Sixth Sense POS enables you to keep track of all your invoices and expenses, and analyze your costs.

You can now calculate taxes in and out, track accounts payable and receivable, produce income statements for any period, and analyze return on investments.
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Fuel Management Module
It has never been easier to manage your fuel sales than with Sixth Sense POS Version 11. Simply enter in the dimensions of your fuel tanks and assign pumps to tanks, and you will now be able to manage your fuel inventory with daily dips.

We automatically calculate your volume based on the measurement you provide, and compare that volume to your sales records; any discrepancies are reported for you to investigate further.
Read on to learn more about what Sixth Sense POS can do for you, starting with our intuitively designed Cash Register:


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