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Sixth Sense POS Commonly Asked Questions

Does it work on the latest Mac OS?
Yes it does. Sixth Sense software is routinely updated to include even more features and to make use of the latest operating system and hardware technology available.

What kind of Tech Support do you have?
Most of our customers add on our annual UpToDate Support package with their purchase. This package offers technical support, software updates, and remote training sessions. This package is a great deal for store owners and managers as it is a big time saver. For those do-it-yourself-ers, we offer free installation support with all hardware and software we sell, along with online help resources, and user manuals.

Can I track sales records by employee?
Absolutely! Whether you are running a contest to see who is your best employee or you're controlling internal theft.

Does Sixth Sense POS have powerful sales reporting?
Advanced Sales Reporting (ASR) is included with every copy shipped. A wide assortment of pre-programmed reports are available in a variety of categories, or make your own custom reports from any subset of any type of records, organized in whatever order you choose - charting of reports is also available.

Can Sixth Sense POS track my employees' work hours so I can determine the exact hours they worked, and totals for a particular pay period?
Absolutely. Employees have to clock in and out of their shifts, and Sixth Sense records the hours and minutes in between. You can modify these if necessary, or get a list of an employee's hours and the total amount they worked.

Can I export the data from Sixth Sense POS to another program?
Yes you can. Sixth Sense POS will export sales, inventory, customer and supplier data in either DBF, SYLK or TEXT format which will suit the import needs of any other program.

Can I import my inventory file from Excel or other database programs?
Yes. As with exporting Sixth Sense POS will import in either the DBF, SYLK or TEXT format.

What does number of users mean?
The number of users refers to the number of computers using Sixth Sense POS at the same time. It does not refer to the number of employees that can use the program. You can have any number of employees you need.

How many items can I have in inventory?
One billion inventory items, one billion sales records, one billion customer accounts, one billion...

Does Sixth Sense POS handle in house charging?
Yes. It will even produce statements and mailing labels for you. It can even automatically add interest on overdue accounts.

Can Sixth Sense POS do split tenders?
Yes, Sixth Sense POS can do up to 10 different kinds of tender. You may use tenders separately or combine them with ease.

Can I use a touch screen with Sixth Sense POS?
Designed from the ground up to make use of one, but not required.

Can you offer a complete turn key solution for us?
Yes. We sell the software, receipt printers, customer displays, computers, network cards, all necessary cables, and any other equipment you require.

In the Sixth Sense POS cash register screen, do I need to enter a customer account number for each sale?
No, it is strictly optional.


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